The No Shame Guide to Buying Bedroom Toys

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Of course, the title of this article shouldn’t be a title at all, because we live in the 21st century and we’re taking ownership of our sex lives. Right on!

 Peekaboo sex toys reclaim your sex life

Sadly, society (in part) can still be a little prissy when it comes to buying sex toys, so until there’s an end to that trend, we have come up five ways to buy your bedroom toys without feeling awkward.

Commonly categorized as "vanilla sex", the missionary position is actually far from it; like most things in life, you get out of it what you put in…literally. Vanilla sex doesn't automatically mean boring sex!

So we have put our theory to the test (it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it) and come up with 6 ways to add some va va voom to the bedroom.

Are You Using the Right Lube for You???

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Pick the right lubrication wetter makes sex better

When it comes to lubrication, and choosing the right one, where do you begin?

Read on for our helpful tips on making sure your playtime is "wetter and better".

Dilators & sounding rods are serious sex play!

They’re unique. They’re misunderstood. They’re a little taboo. And for those who enjoy using them: They’re also PLEASURABLE & FUN. Learn all about this increasingly popular male sex toy.

Perfecting the Quickie

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Ok, poll: 
Who wants sex to be hot, slow, and leisurely? (Sounds good, right??)
But - don't you also  just sometimes want to get it on like ASAP because – hey, sometimes you just gotta. (Sounds even better!!??)

Sometimes hot sex is about quality over quantity, with the quantity in question being ‘how quick can you get on and get off?’ Nothing wrong with that!

So, in the interests of making those quickies as efficient as possible, we have done the work for you and gathered some tried and tested ways of making every second count – you can thank us later!

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