Six Quick and Easy Steps to Make Your Playtime Hotter!


As enjoyable as it is, sex can get a little monotonous, but with a little imagination and willingness to step outside your comfort zone (even just a little) you can add a lot of zing and sparkle.

  1. Leave the Bedroom Behind

As comfy as it is, the bedroom can quickly become the bored room if we don’t add a little variety, so leave the mattress behind and find new places to play. Even just taking the action to another room can put a whole new spin on things – make out on the couch like a pair of teenagers, sweep the stapler off the desk and her off her feet, head outside to the garden and make love against the wall…all of these can still take place at home, but you’ll get a whole new flavor when you try a different location and different props.

  1. Reflect on it

Ok, it’s a rare person who doesn’t have hang-ups about their bod, but doing the deed in front of the mirror is a whole new level of erotic. Keep the lights dimmed a little to soften the effect if you really want to, but watching your partner going down on you from a new vantage point is horny AF, and ladies…when do you ever get to see actual penetration? Position yourself right and you’ll be getting front row tickets to the best show in town!

Couples Vibrator

  1. Write your own Toy Story

Just because you’re a couple, you don’t have to stop using sex toys. In fact, there’s a plethora of toys out there which are designed to be used in a twosome. From bondage kits to couple’s vibes, the world of toys is no longer confined to singletons. Even a one-man (or woman) show can be a massive turn on for your partner – have one of you sit and watch while the other indulges in some solo flying, complete with gadgets.

  1. You Can Leave your Hat On

Or pants, shirts, undies…having to fumble with clothing can add a real sense of urgency and furtiveness to a session, so unzip those flies, push those panties aside, and get jiggy with it fully clothed.

Alternatively, have one partner naked while the other is still dressed – the extra friction can add a new sensation and be incredible. Denim on bare skin anyone?

  1. Pornication

Let’s face it, it’s a determined person who can watch a porn movie right through to the end without playing the part of an extra, but it’s no longer confined to something men do behind closed doors. Many porn films are written and directed by women for women, and the end result (apart from an orgasm) is more sensual and erotic and less slamming and banging (and the acting is SO much better than the over the top exaggerations of years gone by). Watch it together to add a little voyeuristic frisson to the evening.

  1. Time Waits for No Man

Talking of evenings, switch things up by changing the time of day you have sex. Always have it after lights out? Set the alarm 15 minutes early and seduce him in the morning with a quickie. Usually only on a weekend? Surprise her by taking charge and having a hump day in the true sense of the word.


Pick one to try in the next 24 hours, small adjustments are all it takes to make big changes to your sex life, and once you get the hang of it you’ll be deviating left, right, and center. Wear sexy lingerie. Role play. Dress up…none of them require that much effort, but we can guarantee, the end result will be OHHHHH so good!

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