Make Your 2022 Sizzle...10 Hot Tips for a Sexy New Year

#1 Make the Time - Make sex a top priority in your relationship. Go to bed together. Cuddle before you go to sleep, let your skin touch, kiss goodnight...and take it from there.

#2 Go There - Act out your partner’s wildest fantasy, and yours too. Be adventurous and turn up the heat. Couples that play together, stay together.

#3 Don't Make Excuses - I have a headache. I’m so tired. I haven’t shaved. Do these excuses sound familiar? Don’t hold back in 2022. A little love making just might be the cure!

#4 Set the Stage for Love - Set the mood more often. Send a flirty text, light candles, run a bath, give a sensual massage and always have a sultry playlist handy. Getting in the mood might be just what you or your partner needs after a long day or week.

#5 Give Compliments - If your partner rocks your world, be sure they know. Tell them what they do best or why you love your time between the sheets with them.

#6 Show Off Your Sexy Side - Break out your sexy lingerie or greet your lover in the nude when they get home. Embrace your inner sex god or goddess.

#7 Be Spontaneous - Touch, hug and give tender, passionate kisses whenever the mood strikes. Add magic to your sex life.

#8 Let Loose - Up the excitement factor, sex is meant to be fun. Try something new, go sex toy shopping together and let go of your inhibitions.

#9 Try Something New - You know that thing you’ve always wanted to try, but never have? Maybe it’s a two-week sex marathon. Challenge yourself to think outside the box and give it a go in 2022.

 #10 Speak Up - Take a break from TV and explore each other by having meaningful conversations. Speak up about what you want. Your partner can’t make your fantasies come true if they don’t know what they are.

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Better sex more often.