International Fetish Day is January 21st

Although kink was once viewed as “unusual”, with the popularity of books like “50 Shades of Grey”, kinks and fetishes have become more mainstream. People have discovered that kink can enliven a relationship with amazing intimacy and turn a bedroom…hot.

Just like people are different shades of unique, so are the shades of kink. This is why kink is perfect for spicing up relationships.

No matter what you’re into, kink is all about consent, communication, and creating a safe place where you can both explore and talk openly about your needs, wants and desires. You can discover each other in an accepting and lovingly kinky way.

Go ahead and get freaky: Make a mess with body paints, accidentally get over-tangled in bondage rope, discover new erogenous zones on each other, build your sexual bond and reach new levels of intimacy. It’s all about exploring mentally, physically, and intimately with your lover – and becoming comfortable with intimate vulnerability. Kink is the ultimate in trust.

From Mild to Wild: Getting a little Kinky means different things to everyone – and there’s no one way to go about it. Some people are comfortable with something very sexy – others may enjoy easing slowly into a little fetish fun. Kink can be many things and it doesn’t necessarily have to be full blown BDSM. It’s ok to start small, with stimulating foreplay or kinky shower sex. It’s all about creating your sexual story, together. A safe place where you can explore and have fun.

Ready to experience untapped kink-inspired pleasures? Get into the Love Zone and begin your sexual story!


A little mild:

  • Try an essential oil massage (bonus if you use edible massage oil like Earthly Body)
  • Sensation play (tickle with a feather, tease with an ice cube, or turn your lover into a treat by topping them with edible goodies)

Get a little warmer:

  • Act out a sexual fantasy or role play (lingerie and fetish wear bring more than a visually sexy sight for your eyes. The touch and feel of your intimates also add an erotic element!)
  • Blindfold your lover for even more sensory play (this heightens all other senses!)

A little wild:

  • Impact play (a little spanking with a flogger or paddle walks that erotic line between pleasure and domination)
  • Bondage (there’s something freeing about letting go and allowing your lover to sensually work you over - while all you can do is lay back and enjoy!) 

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