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Guide to the Perfect Couple's Sex Toys

Couple’s toys are designed to stimulate one or both partners. Bringing toys into the bedroom can enhance role playing, allow you to explore new sexual positions together or take that vanilla sex up a notch and get as kinky as you both desire.

There are couple’s toys available for every experience level and options for all stages of your relationship. Couple’s toys can also be used solo play too so adding a couple’s toy to your bedroom is like getting the best of both worlds.


🖤 Naughty Games & Novelties 

A naughty game is a great entry-level option designed to encourage you and your lover to open-up, laugh, touch, and have fun together intimately.

A kissable, lick-able body topping, or flavored lubricant is the perfect addition to your naughty night or sexy weekend away.


Sizzle Lips Salted Carmel - Massage it into a small area of the body, blow on it to get warm and then kiss or lick it all off. The more you rub it in the warmer it feels.  


🖤 Couple's Vibrators 

Break up the monotony and climax together!

Couple’s vibrators are designed for use with a partner to increase intimacy, mutual pleasure and make singular or multiple orgasms more likely…. especially for those who may require more stimulation than penetration alone.

Available in a wide range of styles and materials and can be used or worn by either or both partners depending on the design.

Most couple’s vibrators can be used for solo play so you are able to explore their many features and then you can show your partner everything you have learned.


We-Vibe Chorus is the most intuitive couple’s vibrator yet. It has a new squeeze control, allowing the couple to stay in the moment and increase the vibration by simply squeezing the remote. It is shaped to wear during sex with powerful vibrations that will stimulate the G-spot. Touch-sense helps the We-Vibe Chorus respond to touch, allowing it to adjust during play.


🖤 Couple’s Rings

If you like it then you should put a ring on it ... a cock ring that is!

Couple’s rings heighten the benefits of traditional cock rings while featuring additional features for partner stimulation.

Cock rings restrict blood flow to the penis for harder, longer lasting erections. Those designed for couples offer external partner stimulation with exciting textures and/or vibrations thanks to a built-in motor or removable bullet.


Great couples’ toy! The vibrating rabbit penis ring turns your penis into a sex toy – the vibrating rabbit stimulates your partners clitoris; the ring gives you are harder firmer erection.


🖤 Couple's Anal Toys 

Anal toys for couples are designed for use with a partner and can offer strong stimulation because of sensitive nerve endings surround the anus.

Many anal toys have a natural curve towards the tip that are ideal for reaching the male prostate or indirectly stimulating the female g-spot via the anus. It’s the perfect addition for backdoor play!

Go for anal toys worn by one partner and operated by the other via remote control. 


Blue Ditto by We-Vibe is a vibrating plug for couples new to anal exploration. Ditto stimulates with gentle pressure and rumbly vibrations, and it can be controlled by the remote or the free We-Connect app.


🖤 Swings, Slings & More 

Who says sex has to happen in bed? Discover new positions and possibilities with a sex swing, sling, or position wedges.

Try an over-the-door sex swing or restraints you can assemble at a moment’s notice for fun kinky play time. Or a sex sling can give your flexibility a boost so you can achieve positions you never thought possible.

Say goodbye to position fatigue, go longer and deeper - the sex wedge will enhance sexual positions and provide support for more comfortable sex.


Turn any doorway into your next erotic encounter with a door swing. Don't worry - if you're eager and excited - it sets up in seconds. 


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