Just in time for Valentine's Day...10 Things to Turn Your Lover On

#1 Be a Tease

Once you get to know each other and each other’s bodies, sex can become predictable. Most couples get very used to each other which is a natural progression of a healthy relationship. But you want to keep your partner on their toes and keep them guessing - so bring the fun and playfulness back into your relationship. Kiss him or her passionately…and then stop. Eat a banana seductively. Send a sexy picture while they’re at work. Build the anticipation. Remind them what turned them on enough to want to ravage you in the first place.

#2 Seek Adventure

You want to be with someone you can have fun with. It’s exciting to have a friend as well as a lover. Get involved with the things they enjoy and bond over your eagerness to share in their passions. Get out in nature, go for a hike, swim in a lake or play a round of golf together.

#3 Don’t be their Parent

Baby, are you going to wear those pants? That is not how I load the dishwasher. Are you really going to just leave your cup sitting there? There is nothing sexy about being mean or belittling. You fell in love with them for who they are, right? Give the Mommie Dearest act a rest and your love life will thank you.

 #Be a Team Player

A successful relationship consists of teamwork. While one doesn’t mind certain jobs or chores, the other may hate them. Maybe one of you is able to fix and repair, the other hasn’t got a clue. That’s where the balance is found. So, when someone is proactive and does the things that we struggle to do, it’s another reminder of how fortunate we are to have someone in our lives that compliments us. No one wants to keep asking and pleading for certain things to be done, so when those things happen naturally, it’s a huge win, win!

#5 Go Sex Toy Shopping Together

Shopping together for toys is a great way for you and your partner to see the full array of options available. It’s also terrific at opening the dialogue about what types of sensations you’re each curious about experiencing together. Even couples who have been together for many years can benefit from spicing things up...and keeping that curiosity alive will keep your love life fresh and stimulating!

#6 Say Her Name, Say His Name

Who doesn’t love the sound of their own names being used during the most intimate of circumstances? We all love the sound of our own names. Using your lovers name often and lovingly is one of the simplest ways to deepen an intimate connection. Especially if you tend to use pet names in your day to day lives, it makes using their birth given name all the more risqué!

 #Be your Lovers Biggest Fan

Praise them, have their back, never criticize them in front of others and show them you are proud to be by their side…especially when the going gets tough. Make sure to compliment your partner and tell them how important they are to you, how attracted you are to them and how they make your world a better place.

#8 Exude Confidence and Love yourself

There is nothing sexier than a confident, happy and secure man or woman. A relationship should complement and enhance our lives and when we are at our best, we are also at our most desirable. Love ourselves, appreciate ourselves, adore ourselves and those feelings will be mirrored back 10-fold. One of the greatest aphrodisiacs is confidence…not just in the bedroom.

#9 Have Meaningful Sex – Regularly

Men & women love sex. The sexual side of a relationship is one of the most important parts for creating intimacy and keeping the relationship healthy and alive. Our significant other needs to feel sexy and know we find them attractive. Your pleasure and your lover’s pleasure are important, let them know how much you want them. Be adventurous and explore each other. This is one side of each other than no one else in the world has, cherish it.

#10 Laugh Together

Life is better when we are laughing. Laughing is contagious and it sends messages to the brain, which then releases endorphins that make us feel amazing. When men and women are questioned about traits they love in a partner, someone they can laugh with is at the top of the list.

Hormones are released from the simplest smile to the smallest of laughs, and it doesn’t take much for our brains to be convinced that we are in the mood for loving. So, lighten up, joke around, be playful and in turn you will not only be relieving your mind and body of stress, but you will both be in the right frame for intimacy.

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