Simple Ideas for Storing Your Sex Toys

Do you have a handful of sex toys that you keep in your room in some discreet location? Maybe you have quite a few toys that you and your partner use. Sex toys are fun, they allow you to release your stress and your inhibitions, and they can be a great addition to just about anyone’s life. Of course, whether you have one or dozens, you need to know how and where to store them properly. Below, we will be looking at some of the simplest and best ways to store your sex toys, as well as tips on how to make sure they are clean and stored safely.

Why Is Proper Storage So Important?

Just how important is it to properly store your sex toys? If you aren’t storing the toys properly, it can lead to a host of problems. The toys might have a shorter lifespan, for example, or they could put you at a greater risk for an infection. Improper storage could also lead to your sex toy breaking. Just stuffing everything into a drawer has the potential to end up damaging them, including the high-quality sex toys. Over time, if the sex toys are poorly taken care of, they are going to start showing wear and tear. Even just sitting in a draw under a pile of other items can damage the products.

Just as you have a proper place for other items in your home, you need to have good storage locations for the sex toys you own. You do not want to just put your sex toys into the drawers, as they tend not to be as clean as you might think. They could have dust, small particulates, and germs that will get onto the toys and that could then be transferred to you or your partner. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to store your sex toys properly.

Below, we will look at some of the best and easiest ways to store and keep your sex toys.

Follow the Instructions for the Products

With many of the sex toys that you own, there will be care and storage guidance from the manufacturers. They will have preferred methods for properly cleaning the sex toys, and many of them will also come with a bag or a box, which can you use for storage. It is always a good idea to follow the instructions that come from the maker of the sex toy, just as you would follow laundering and care instructions for lingerie that you buy. The information from the manufacturer can work well to provide you with the best care and storage info for your products.

In some cases, the sex toys might not have come with a bag or box to begin with. Other times, you may no longer have the storage guidelines or the boxes and bags that the sex toy originally came in. If that’s the case, don’t fret. There are still plenty of simple, great ways that you can keep your sex toys stored properly and out of the way.

Choose to Use a Cloth Bag

One of the cheapest options is to store sex toys in a cloth bag. It is not only cost-effective, but it also happens to be a covert method of storing sex toys. It is also a much safer option than storing sex toys and games in a plastic container. When you store in plastic, there is a chance that the chemicals from the plastic could leak into the toy over time. Those chemicals could then be entering your body. You can find some bags that are specifically made for sex toys. They are discreet and could be a good option to consider.

Choose a Storage Box

Another option that is quite common and that works very well is to use a storage box for the sex toys, games, and other items that you might have. You can find storage boxes that are lockable, as well. Some are large enough to hold multiple sex toys. If you are going to use a storage box, you will also want to be cognizant of the box material. You do not want anything that could leak chemicals onto the sex toys.

If you want to have some added protection, put them into a cloth bag first and then put the bag into the box. You might also opt for a box that has different compartments, so you can keep different types of sex toys together in the same box. Having them in the same space, but separated, is convenient and can give you an added layer of protection.

One of the benefits of choosing a sex toy storage box is that you can find options that have locks built into them. This ensures that all of your sex toy products will be safe and that no one is going to find them by mistake.

You Don’t Have to Go to Great Lengths to Hide the Sex Toys

Many people still feel somewhat embarrassed even when it comes to just talking about sex toys. They start to get nervous and wish the subject would just change to something else entirely. These tend to be the same people who want to hide away and guard their sex toys like it’s the gold inside of Fort Knox. They want to make sure that no one will ever see their adult toys, so they go to great lengths to hide them. In fact, sometimes, they go to lengths that are too great, which can cause some problems.

One of the biggest problems is not waiting until the sex toy has been properly cleaned and dried before putting it away. If you don’t let the toys dry properly after cleaning them, they could develop mold or a musty smell. Those are some of the least sexy things in the world, and you certainly don’t want to start associating your sex toys with them.

Always be sure to clean the sex toys properly, and then make sure they are fully dry before putting them away. It’s the best option for your health and wellness.

In addition, you shouldn’t worry quite so much about people finding the sex toys. Life is not a sitcom where the wacky landlord finds a vibrator in your laundry or your nightstand. When you have the items in your room, most people will respect your privacy and will not go through your things. If they aren’t respecting your privacy, you have a bigger problem than just sex toys.

Of course, some might have a bathroom near the bedroom that will need to be used by guests, or there might be the issue of children in the house. Understandably, you would want to do a little bit more to ensure some privacy. In those cases, put the boxes with the sex toys out of reach in the closet, and perhaps even locked away with the adult videos that you have. They should be easy to access for you, but difficult for any prying and curious eyes.

Most Important Elements to Keep in Mind with Sex Toys

Cleanliness should always be the most important thing to consider when you are storing your sex toys. However, you should also make it a point to keep track of the different toys you have and the types of materials from which they are made. Labeling the toys, and where you keep them, is important to ensure they are cared for properly each time. Even if you are the only one who understands the labels, they can serve as reminders on proper care and storage for the item.

Let’s look at a few of the other important things you should consider with your sex toys to ensure they are stored away properly and safely.

First, if you have any sex toys that take batteries, make sure that you remove the batteries when you are not using them. Leaving them in could cause corrosion. In addition, do not store sex toys together so that they are touching. As mentioned above, they should be in a cloth bag or wrapped in cloth or kept apart from one another by dividers. This is because some materials interact poorly with one another and could actually cause damage to the sex toys.

Always check the sex toys you are using for damage to ensure that they are safe to use. Look for any hints that it might be time to replace the sex toys. Once they have provided their purpose and they start to show too much wear and tear, your best option is to find a new one.

Find the Toys You Need and Store Them Right

The simple advice above should help customers in Everett, WA and Marysville, WA who have sex toys that they need to store properly. Keep the sex toys in good condition by following the instructions for care and storage and using some simple precautions. Find the storage options you need, and then consider getting some new toys to add to your collection. Make yourself happy.

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