Five Truth or Dares for a Fun Night

We all know that there should be no secrets between couples, but there are some things we’d rather not admit to! 

So gather a few like-minded couples, crack open a bottle of something delicious, turn off the TV, put those phones on silent, and settle down for an evening of good old-fashioned Truth or Dare – if you do, indeed, dare!


surprise kinky truth or dare

Truth:  What’s the one, single thing that your spouse lies about to other people, but that you know the real truth about?

Ooh, this one’s a tricky one – it could be that you met on Tinder but your other half tells everyone else that your eyes met across a crowded room. Or maybe it’s that they love bondage when in fact you know they flinch at the mere mention of handcuffs. What if it’s something about one of your friends? in that case, you might be better off taking a dare.

Dare: Whisper something seductively into the other person’s ear which you know has instant arousal appeal.

This works best if the person on the receiving end is a man, because, well, there’s no hiding the fact that they’re turned on.


 truth or dare sexy couple

Truth: What’s the one thing about your partner that you would love to change?

Ouch – they say the truth hurts, and if it’s something about their mannerisms, such as they snore too loudly, or get silly when they’re drunk, then you’re on safe(ish) ground, but if it’s that you would like them to have a bigger penis, or fuller boobs, then it might be wise to opt for this:
Dare: Give your partner a lapdance.

Now, this can be super sexy (although it might cause a few raised eyebrows if the dancer has some seriously seductive moves, but if the person opting for the dare is a guy, the results can be hilarious. Unless he’s Magic Mike, in which case you may want to keep that all for yourself.


truth or dare sexy game money or love

Truth: If you were given the option of staying with your partner, or becoming very rich if you left, what would you do?

Hmm…even we have to think carefully about this one! Of course, if they answer that they’d leave in order to become rich, you might want to start playing the lottery so you can do it for real, and say ‘Bye Felicia’.

Dare: Suck your partner’s toes for a full minute.

Now, while this might be sexy in the confines of the bedroom, in a room full of other couples (unless they’re foot fetishists), it will be very difficult to feel turned on when the rest of the room is gagging. But it might still be preferable to telling the room that you’d take money over matrimony!


 truth or dare sexy enter

Truth: What's #1 on your sexual bucket list right now?

Think of this one like sexual intel! You could discover something you never knew - and the game could end right here *wink wink*

Dare: Wear a blindfold, spin around 7 times in the middle of the group, and then whoever you are facing when you stop is who you have to kiss for two minutes, whether they are opposite or same sex.

This could go one of two ways – if you’re a girl and you end up kissing another girl, your partner may well want to repeat the experience, because girl on girl is super sexy. But if you end up kissing a man, all bets are off.


voyeur with binoculars

Truth: Would you ever watch while your partner had sex with another person?

Would you? This can be a real eye opener, and depending on the answer, in a room full of people, someone’s fantasy might just come true!

Dare: Take the bra off the woman to your left using only your teeth.

This is all well and good if the woman to your left happens to be your partner, but if not this could make for some very interesting viewing!

Truth and Dare can be a really fun way to spend an evening, and, of course, it can be adapted to play with just one couple. But if you opt to include one or more other couples, then make sure everyone is game for a laugh and you set the ground rules up front, otherwise, there could be a few break-ups on the cards!

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