Edging - The art of orgasm control for intense pleasure

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When the late and great George Michael sang the words ‘take me to the edge of Heaven’, he may well have been singing about the sexual practice of Edging.

Once the domain of spiritual lovers and followers of tantric sex, edging is reported to have many benefits, which we have explored in order to bring you the low down on this method, and don’t worry…WE won’t keep you waiting!

So, what exactly IS edging?

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Quite simply, edging is bringing yourself, or your partner, to the brink of orgasm and then stopping, delaying climax once, twice, or as many times as you can bear, because make no mistake – it is as frustrating (in the best possible way) as hell. 

But why? And more importantly…why?

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Seriously, why would you put off what is essentially the point of sex? Well, those ancient Hindus knew a thing or two about how to make sex better, because delaying orgasm actually makes for a better one when it does…ahem…come. Ever heard the expression ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’? Well, edging is taking the scenic route – you’ll get there eventually, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

What are the benefits?

The Love Zone | Edging | Sex Tips | Sex Advice | Best Orgasm

For men, the benefits can be life-changing, as it can be used to combat premature ejaculation. It is recommended that before a man tries edging with his partner, he should master the technique himself, by flying solo. Using a masturbation sleeve with plenty of lube will make it easier to control the sensations (more consistent strokes). By tuning in to his body and his own reactions, a guy will recognize that point of no return and will be able to slow down or stop stimulation until the feeling subsides, and then build up to it again. Once he can control his orgasm by himself, he will be able to utilize this technique with a partner, prolonging sex for both of them. In addition, this technique is thought to improve the quality of semen produced and result in not only a delayed orgasm but a more powerful one, too. 

For women, quite simply, delaying climax results in much more intense orgasms. In fact, one report found that more than 60% of women reported longer and more intense orgasms after edging was employed.

Ok, so how do I do it solo?

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For men, the trick is to try ‘squeezing’ – that is, cease stimulation and squeeze the tip of the penis for 30 seconds just before he reaches the ‘edge’, and then slowly build up again. The more times he can achieve this, the more control he will have over his own climax.

For women, the key is to concentrate on the sensations within the body, and as the climax approaches she should slow her breathing down and either ease up or stop the stimulation, allowing the sensation to subside before working back up to it again. However, the key is to resume activities again before the sensation wears off altogether.

Edging with a partner?

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Communication is key. It’s imperative that the couple agrees on a timeframe beforehand because what can seem like Heaven to one party can feel like hell to the other. Then watch for cues from each other so you can recognize the beginnings of a climax. Just as you would with yourself, slow down or stop stimulation until the orgasm ebbs away a little, and then start slowly once again.

Is it Worth it?

Hell yeah! But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself and see!


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