The Love Zone Sex Toys & Anal Sex Tips that will take your dark side of the moon on a “back-door mission”!

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Love Zone Sexperts thought it would be a PERFECT time to talk about the wonders of anal play. (Moon. Butts. Get it?)

You’ve probably seen the HUGE variety of fun anal sex toys at the Love Zone the last time you swung in to get a fun adult sex game or pick up a little naughty and sexy lingerie. (Anal beads, dildos, plugs….even butt plugs with gems! Who wouldn't want their butt to sparkle?) But where to start?

So maybe you’re just curious about crossing back-door sex play off your sexual bucket list, or want to “go a little deeper” (pegging has fast become a popular sex move to add to any sexual repertoire); just know you aren’t alone when it comes to liking butt stuff.  

First, a little “back-story” about “butt stuff”

Anal sex is quite pleasurable and can be enjoyed sexually by men or women, and the anal area is fast becoming less taboo of an erogenous zone. Your anus is actually one of the most easily aroused areas (as any ass enthusiast will attest). Anal toys are used for foreplay, for intensifying orgasm, for a feeling of “fullness”, and even for prostate health. (Ever heard of the male G-spot?)

 Moon Fact: Neil Armstrong nearly didn’t survive his training. Before his mission as commander on the Apollo 11, he trained as a backup for Apollo 9. During one of the simulated lunar module landings, he lost control – and thankfully ejected just in time before the air born vehicle crashed to the ground.

There’s more than one way to hit the spot

The anus is rich with sensory nerve endings and pleasure points, which can lead to longer and stronger orgasms. Anal play feels goods because the same nerve that goes to the penis or clitoris also runs through the anus; plus, the clitoral legs (or “paired crura”) and prostate can be stimulated through anal play! Some guys will even attest to prostate orgasms feeling more pleasurable than the traditional orgasm!

Moon Fact: The US flag that was famously planted on the moon didn’t “fly” because of lack of gravity. There was an aluminum rod sewn into the top.

It’s the final countdown

When first starting out with anal play, especially sexual penetration, the number one rule is: to go SLOWLY when it comes to anal sex. Just like any muscle, you need to start slow to build flexibility. But relaxing and enjoying the sensations of sexual anal stimulation are just as important. Start small with just a finger, and plenty of water-based lube. A hypoallergenic lubricant like Slippery Stuff is gentle and has a perfect slip for anal play. (Plus it comes in a “pump” style container. Nice for the bed-side table, and easy access for all your sexual romps! No one wants to ruin the first-time anal play moment by fumbling with their lube bottle!)

Lubricant is important, though, as your booty doesn’t self-lubricate. Slowly try inserting a finger, then pulling back out again. Or try rimming the outside of the anus with your finger, to stimulate all those sensitive nerve endings in the sphincter. Try this for a couple of weeks before working up to more fingers or small toys. If you’re enjoying anal play with a partner, incorporating oral sex will intensify the sensations – the more erogenous zones that get stimulated at the same time, the better! (Bonus if you throw on some sexy porn in the background – you may even get some new moves or sex tips!)

Moon Fact: When the Apollo crew ended their mission they landed in Hawaii. The jokesters filled out a customs and immigration form to “declare” Moon Rock and Moon Dust. Silly astronauts!

Anal Toys!

Now you’re ready to start playing with anal toys! Start with something small and tapered - yet flexible, with a flared base (this keeps your toy from accidentally being irretrievable), like a slim flexible dildo or butt plug. Then you can work your way up, once you’re comfortable, to larger-sized sex toys. The Love Zone Beginner’s Anal Plug Kit is a perfect kit to start out with. This butt plug kit has three sizes of anal sex toys all in one box: a small anal plug to start out with, medium, and a large – so anal play can be slowly eased into. Either way – as long as you use plenty of water-based lubricant, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun! 

Still undecided on which anal toy will become your new favorite sexy plaything in the bedroom? Stop into the Love Zone – our well-trained staff can help you find the perfect sex toy guaranteed.

Moon Fact: The Apollo 11 moon landing was the single most-watched event on television to date – with 650 million viewers. The data rate for the broadcast was ironically slower than a 56k dial-up modem.

We have lift-off!

If you can’t make it into the Love Zone store, just for you, here’s a SPECIAL “MOON” discount to treat your booty to fun anal sex toys! (Or any sex toy – we just want everyone to be happy!)

$20 off any purchase of $40 or more 7/19/19 – 7/21/19. SEX TOYS, SEX GAMES, LANGERIE and more... Just click here – and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout! Or enter “MOON” at checkout.

Once you have the hang of the joys of anal play, there’s so much to explore! Some anal toys vibrate, are wearable by him (so she can enjoy the best of both worlds), have rotating beads, are curved just for the prostate…and oh so much more. Go on your own mission at the Love Zone and explore how many different ways you can make your booty happy! From novice to master, there’s something for everyone.


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