How to Make Sex Last Longer

How to Make Sex Last Longer


According to some sexperts (or possibly just a poll taken under the influence of a few beers), 50% of men last 1-2 minutes during intercourse. Now, we all know that sex can be either a marathon or a sprint (or even a gentle jog), but that’s barely even a dash to the bathroom.

A quickie is great every now and again, but for the most part, that timeframe is going to be equally disappointing for both the man and the woman, and it’s nobody’s fault – it’s just one of those things. So what can you do to make it last longer?


A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

One almost-guaranteed way to make sex last longer is to masturbate an hour or so before you think things might start heating up. This one is for the guys, but girls – if you feel like a little DIY then go for it, you’ll have a fantastic glow to your skin and a definite ‘come hither’ look, so it’s a win-win situation. Heading into a date without masturbating, especially in the early stages, is like taking a bottle of soda and shaking it up – one touch of the screw top and it’ll explode! It’s much better to start the date with an empty bottle.


The Latest Squeeze


Women are told to do their Kegel exercises, but they are just as important for men. The muscles involved are the same ones which are at play when a man ejaculates, so by strengthening those, ejaculation can be controlled more easily. And they’re simple – when you’re next taking a leak, try and stop it mid-stream. Feel that? That’s the action you need to do to exercise those sex muscles. The best thing is they can be done anytime, and anywhere (minus the pee, obviously.)


Living on the Edge

Ok, so you know what to do in preparation, but what about when you’re actually in situ? A great way to make sex last longer is what’s known as ‘edging’ – as the name suggests it is getting almost to the point of climax and stopping, just long enough to calm down before recommencing. Whether you are manually stimulating yourself (and doing this alone is great practice), having your partner doing it for you, or having intercourse, you can repeat this over and over again until you can’t hold it any longer.


Change Things Up a Bit

Sex can become a little…perfunctory, and it’s easy to fall into the same old routine; a couple of minutes’ foreplay, 90 seconds intercourse, followed by 30 seconds of calming down before watching the late evening news and falling asleep. Switch things up a bit. Different positions can make a huge difference to how long sex lasts – your body becomes accustomed to things, so same old = same old. You’ll get bonus minutes by choosing a position which requires a little concentration or balance, too.


If you Like it Then You Shoulda Put a Ring on it

The scientific explanation for a man losing an erection is that the blood stops flowing in and starts flowing out, which is of course how nature intended it. But sometimes it happens way too soon, which is frustrating for both the man and his partner. One way to combat this, and throw a little spice into the proceedings, is to introduce a penis ring. This ring is designed to be worn at the base of the penis (there are slight variations) which then keeps the blood where it’s needed, meaning a longer erection and more time to make love.


Pinching an Inch


If you don’t have, or don’t fancy using, a penis ring all is not lost. By squeezing the penis with the forefinger and thumb along the shaft when nearing orgasm, it can be delayed. Rather like bending a garden hose to stop the water coming out, except…don’t bend the penis. Ever. This method does take practice to get the timing and pressure right, so try it out a few times beforehand.


Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

If the sometimes unavoidable does happen, and sex is over too soon, fear not. Many men experience far less sensitivity during a subsequent erection, so why not try basking in the afterglow of sex for a few minutes before slowly starting some foreplay again? A lot of women (and a lot of men, actually) are pleasantly surprised at how quickly they are ready for round two after a little power nap, and the second coming is always going to take longer.


Through Thick and Thin

Safe sex should go without saying, and it can work to your advantage when your man is a sensitive soul. Condoms vary in thickness, so opting for a thicker one could be all it takes to take his stimulation down a notch. Even if you are in a committed relationship and don’t usually use them, it’s worth giving it a go as wearing a condom does reduce sensations somewhat.


Making sex last is the responsibility of both parties – it should never be down to one or the other partner. Understanding, humor, and a little patience (with a smidgen of imagination thrown in) will work wonders, and make for a lasting experience.





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