Couple's Resolutions for a Sexier Year

 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples to Stick to in 2018

Most resolutions call for some kind of restraint – and we all know what happens when we deny ourselves something! So how about ringing in the changes along with the New Year, and indulge in MORE sex with your partner, instead?

Get Fit for Frolicking

Let’s kick things off with one of the most common changes we all promise ourselves – exercise. While most people do it to look good/feel good/get into that little black dress in the back of the wardrobe, did you know that exercise will improve your sex life exponentially? Cardio workouts increase circulation and, as arousal causes blood to rush to certain extremities, the better the circulation, the stronger the arousal.

Make a Date

It’s easy to fall into a routine when you’re part of a cozy couple, but being committed shouldn’t mean losing the fun and excitement of dating. Make a New Year’s resolution to go back to the heady days of dating, and try new things – an art gallery, a dance class, wine tasting, chocolate tasting; stimulate the senses in every way, and when you get home, have a hot and heavy session, just like the old days. It will remind you both of why you fell in love in the first place.

Make Room

If your sex life tends to start and stop with the bedroom, switch things up a bit by trying out the other rooms in the house. Get kinky on the couch, steamy in the shower, grope each other in the garden or indulge in some mutual stimulation on the stairs. Each location will, by necessity, make you try new positions and add variety and a certain frisson to your friskiness. And the next time you’re chopping vegetables you will be reminded of the night you had coitus on the kitchen countertop, which might well get you worked up all over again!

Be Try-Sexual

While we all have our favorite positions, there are hundreds more just waiting to be tried, and who knows - you might find a new favorite? Ok, so many of them are variations on a theme but even subtle differences can change how a position feels. The internet is full of ideas for sexual positions, so why not try one new position a week? What’s the worst that can happen? You both end up giggling at the total fail? Great! Laughter is a powerful aphrodisiac! And at best you might just find a new favorite.

Indulge in Some Pillow Talk

Talking dirty doesn’t come easy to many people, but it can be such a turn on that it’s a much-overlooked resource when spicing things up in the bedroom. If you feel shy about doing it, open a bottle of wine first and let the alcohol loosen your tongue. If you’re not sure how your partner will take it, start off gradually – be a little more vocal, tell them what you like, and if that’s doing the trick then take it up a notch.

Keep the TV on

And no…we’re not talking about this week’s latest soap opera. We’re talking about porn. Many men love to watch porn, but end up doing it alone and furtively because their partner doesn’t like it. So surprise him one night by putting on a steamy movie and watching it together. The chances are slim that you will even get halfway through!

Go Back to School

Even the most skilled of lovers still have a lot to learn when it comes to sex, so why not learn together and sign up for a sex class? Learn about Tantric sex, take tuition in sensual massage – some areas will even offer classes in giving multiple orgasms, and who wouldn’t enjoy that? If that is too ‘in your face’, then try a class in something less sexual, such as learning to reconnect with each other emotionally. At the very least you will be spending time together as a couple doing something new, and you might learn a whole new skillset for your lovers’ box of tricks!
It doesn’t really matter what changes you decide to make, as long as you make more time for each other. Turn up the heat for 2018 and it could be your best year yet!

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