Do you know how to make a sexy homemade soapy slip & slide?

WARNING: Getting clean is about to get dirty!

Happy National Shower Together Day!

Grab a sexy shower with your lover!

National Shower Together Day falls on 1/13/19 this year (what a perfect way to spend a Sunday!) There’s nothing better than grabbing your lover and heading for a hot, steamy shower - and lathering each other up for some good clean fun.

The origins of this wonderful day of celebration are somewhat unknown – but it has a HUGE following – because A LOT of people see the shower as a place to get “dirty” while they get clean. Did you know that 56% of couples enjoy shower sex? Not only is it highly sensual, it brings couples closer and gives you a chance to explore each other’s playful side. (It's also a great way to grab a little private time away from the kids – or roommates if you have them!!)

Haven’t tried it yet? Grab your main squeeze and check out these 7 tips for HOT shower sex!

Plant your feet

Plant your feet for safe sex in the shower

Ok, this may sound like a no-brainer – but despite the temptation to get super acrobatic in the shower, it’s best to keep your feet firmly planted to decrease your risk of falling.


Try Something New

Experiment in the shower for sexy fun national shower together day

You don’t have to stand! If you have the room, try sitting, laying down, or getting a little “action” from behind. Incorporate the warm shower water and some suds for a slippery fun tactile experience.



water is not lube! Grab a silicone lubricant celebrate shower together day

Yes, lube even in the shower. Because – WATER IS NOT LUBE. This is where most go wrong with a little shower love. All you need to do is grab yourself a thick silicone lube like ID Millenium. It’s perfect for shower play; it doesn’t wash away like a water based lube, and will keep things moving in the right direction.

Take it to the Mat

Don't slip in the shower celebrating national shower together day!

Experts on the subject all agree: a bath mat is key. But we’re not talking about one of those fluffy things you dry off on when you’re done, however. Get a textured, rubbery one that adheres to the floor of your shower. You will be able to get more stable “power” behind your moves. Plus, if you are sitting, kneeling or laying down – it will be a LOT more comfortable.


Know Your Goal

Shower sex can be great foreplay! Celebrate national shower together day!

Shower sex doesn’t have to be all about penetration. It’s very sensual - perfect for oral sex and foreplay. Touching, rubbing, teasing, and exploring all while sudsy and warm is a great way to experience new sensations.


Prep yourself!

A little trim and shave is all you need to make sure you're ready for playtime. If you are prone to irritations when shaving, try a super conditioning shave cream like Coochy. It blocks those little red bumps wherever it’s used (arms, nether-regions, even legs), and conditions for uber soft skin. The “Be Original” cream has a light soap and water smell which makes it great for men or women. Men tout that it even out-performs high end shaving lotions! It helps get that great close shave - all while reducing redness and ingrown hairs.  (Here’s a secret – some even use a little bit as a hair conditioner!)


So there you have it! Have fun this National Shower Together Day – and hey, if you use up all the hot water? BRA-VO ;)


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