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We celebrate a-lot of weird things. But Sunday, 1/13/19, this weird celebration is weirdly WONDERFUL. It’s National Shower Together Day!

 Get ready to get clean all while getting dirty for national shower together day!

A day of sudsy good-clean fun. No one can deny that your lover’s body all warm and wet and covered in bubbles isn’t the best way to spend the day! Also – you gotta admit it’s kinda nice to have someone around to scrub those areas on your back you can’t reach! (If you missed our 7 must-know tips on how to make the most of your shower-play, just click HERE!)

A stress-relieving sexy shower with your lover is not only sensual, but it helps build trust and the acoustics make it FANTASTIC for some dirty talk ;)

A stress-relieving sexy shower with your lover is not only sensual, but it helps build trust and the acoustics make it FANTASTIC for some dirty talk ;)

But – did you know that you can bring a little something extra to the shower? And we’re not just talking about lube (but seriously, you should bring some silicone lube with  you like ID Millennium Silicone Lubricant – because water with no lube will rub you the wrong way down…there). 

We’re talking about TOYS! And oh yes. There are toys made just for this occasion. And, if you’re like 50% of couples who enjoy toys in the bedroom – you know you will enjoy them even more in a hot steamy shower! Check out these 3 reasons why water-play with toys should replace your Sunday brunch this weekend.

Bring Her Good Vibrations

Add a waterproof bullet like the Sensuelle Bobbii and things will REALLY heat up.

A relaxing shower helps slow down the moment for maximum enjoyment (which leads to an awesomely pleasurable “outcome”). Think about it: your muscles are warm and loose – the warm water washing away the pressures of the day. You can take turns washing each other letting the suds act as a teasing sexy slippery visual. Add a waterproof bullet like the Sensuelle Bobbii and things will REALLY heat up. It has 69 (yes, 69) functions of pulsating action – plus it’s flexible!!  The easy to hold shape takes pleasure “upright” to a whole new level. You can stretch – bend – and vibe your way to steamy pleasure! And since this beloved vibe is also rechargeable, it can quickly move from the shower to the bedroom just in case you use all the hot water ;)

He Can Put a Ring on It

Put a vibrating penis ring on it - waterproof for fun in the shower for national shower together day!

Some may call the vibrating penis ring a “gateway toy”. Because once you try one, it will open a whole new world. This magic contraption keeps guys going long a strong – perfect for an intimate all-afternoon shower romp. Not only do they help sustain harder and firmer erections – it makes orgasms SUPER intense for guys, because it can also delay orgasm. And that means, built up sensation. And that means – FIREWORKS. Try one with a bullet vibrator like the Sensuelle Waterproof Double action penis ring – to turn your penis into a vibrator - and it will surely be fun for everyone involved. And if your fingers are getting too pruny from being in the water too long, take it to the bedroom! (Psst….try slipping it on a favorite dildo or vibrator to go-go-gadget your penetration toy into a clitoral toy!) 

Shower Prep

Get long and and go strong with a powerful and easy to use Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

Ok, this one is for the guys (but trust us, your partner will LOVE the benefits as well). We all know exercise is important to grow stronger. And that also includes the penis. Did you know that you can increase the intensity of your erections by “pumping-up”? And yes, you can do it in the shower! Pumps are used by nearly 50% of men to rise to the occasion with a fuller and harder erection. (They’ve also been used for years to help with ED.) Using a water-based pump like the Bathmate Hydromax draws blood into the penis. (And who wouldn’t like suction on their penis??) It uses water to form a secure and expand the tissues with blood to give your “soldier” the fullest of salutes. This pump is also great paired with a penis ring – to keep the party going! Just remember to always follow the guidelines – more pumping is not better; the sessions are super short and easy to fit into any schedule.

There you go! Wetter does make sex better! It’s just plain Just don’t forget to cancel your brunch plans! And you may want to turn off your phone ;)

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