Are you a Taurus?

Happy birthday to you, sexy Taurus!

Based on your zodiac sign, you desire earthly pleasure and comfort.  Ruled by the planet of Venus – for love, it’s no surprise this Earth sign is an excellent lover.

Our Sexperts here at the Love Zone suggest a luxuriously yummy edible massage oil to appease Taurus’ most important senses: touch and smell. Our devoted Bulls are so reliable and grounded - spicing up play with a comfy sex position wedge would really appease their desire for stability. For all our other favorite Zodiac sign babes out there – you will want to stay tuned!

Let’s ALL celebrate by enjoying 50% off ALL Love Zone massage oils in our stores! Just show this post for your discount. Offer valid 5/3/18 through 5/6/18.

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Better sex more often.