9 Must-Know Facts about the Erogenous Zone (Hint: it’s all in the Mind)

They say that the biggest erogenous zone is the mind, and it’s certainly true that an educated partner, whether through university or the school of hard knocks, can be a real turn on. But what about us mere mortals with an average IQ and a mundane job? Hey, like with so many things in life, fake it til you make it is a great philosophy and one that can certainly apply here. Fill your head with these mind-blowing sex facts, and set yourself up as a bona fide sexpert.

 O Big or Go Home!

Don’t give up on having an orgasm ladies (and ignore the aforementioned ‘fake it til you make it’ advice, that doesn’t apply here) because orgasms are good for your health! Studies have shown that regular orgasms boost your immune system, raise the pain threshold, and can ever lower the risk of a heart attack.

Vibrators Were Not Always a Girl’s Best Friend

In fact, it has been cited that vibrators were invented by men, for men – doctors, to be precise - who needed a device which would save their poor hands from Repetitive Strain Injury. And how did they come by this unfortunate ailment? Well, it seems that a couple of hundred years ago, women were treated for ‘hysteria’ (aka, being horny) by doctors who would administer…well…handjobs to their (un)fortunate female patients. Prior to the 20th century, it was widely believed that women did not possess a libido, so when they complained to their doctors about a feeling of heaviness in their lower abdomens, sleeplessness, and wetness between their legs, they were diagnosed with ‘hysteria’, the Greek word for Uterus.

Talking of Vibrators…

Did you know that one of those early vibrators, invented by a Dr. George Taylor in 1869, was steam powered? The steam engine part of the device, called The Manipulator, was hidden in a different room, while the business end of things protruded through a hole in the wall! Still, Freud did say that trains were phallic symbols.

However, it seems our much-loved vibe was around even before that, albeit in a much cruder form. Back in 1734, a version of the vibrator was invented which had to be hand-cranked! Those ladies were really dedicated to the cause.

Textual Intercourse

If someone were to ask you what the first thing people do in the post-coital glow was, what would you think? Cuddle? Have a drink to ease those dry throats? Whisper sweet nothings to each other? Wrong. According to a survey conducted by Retrevo.com, the first thing we do after sex – the very first thing that’s on our minds after getting busy with our partners – is FaceBook and Twitter! Who said the age of romance is dead?

Sometimes it’s Quantity over Quality

Women might not climax as often as men do, but don’t be too disheartened ladies – while a man’s orgasm lasts, on average, six seconds, a woman’s orgasm carries on more than three times that long – in fact, for around 20 seconds. She who laughs last, lasts longest!

Battle of the Sexes

It’s a commonly held myth that men have sex more than women, but in actual fact, the average woman hits the sack 17 percent more than the average man.

Gym’ll Fix It

Forget extortionate gym fees, and designer workout gear, the cheapest – and infinitely more interesting – way to burn those calories is to have sex. Just 30 minutes of getting jiggy with it will burn an average of 200 calories, and let’s face it, the prospect of an orgasm at the end of it, as opposed to a communal shower, is a lot more appealing.

M.R. oh My

When researched at Rutgers University, fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) scans showed that when different areas of the body were stimulated, different areas of the brain were affected, meaning that a clitoral orgasm is, indeed, different to a vaginal one, and that stimulating one’s nipples produces a different brain activity to stimulating one’s cervix.  Celebrate those diversities, people!

It’s all in the Name of Research

If you have even a fleeting interest in sex facts, you will undoubtedly have heard of the Kinsey Report; two books about male and female sexual behaviour written by Alfred Kinsey, an American biologist and sexologist who founded the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. But what you might not know is that Alfred Kinsey could insert the bristle side of a toothbrush into his urethra, and frequently did, to bring on ejaculation. His masochistic tendencies started off in a somewhat milder form, however, as he first experimented with straws and pipe cleaners. He liked to couple this with wrapping his testicles tightly with cord, too. Each to their own.


So there you have it – some mind-blowingly interesting (and occasionally horrifying) facts about sex to wow your partner with.


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