Finalizing the Perfect Kiss

So here is how to finish off that perfect kiss.


  • Sound - Letting out a tiny moan/sigh of pleasure while your lover's mouth is on your takes the eroticism through the roof because it creates vibration and brings another sense into focus: sound.
  • Bite (carefully) - Take a fold of flesh between your teeth and use your lips and mouth to create slight suction and sensations.  Try practicing on your palm and you'll instantly feel/see the erotic difference between this and just sucking which leaves marks that your partner may not want.
  • Tongue (one more time) - If you're really, really, really turned on.  All you do is use your tongue to imitate the longed-for thrusts of your pelvises. Or wait until you are having intercourse and make your tongue a second penetration. It's also useful to set the pace subliminally.

Finally, how long should the perfect kiss last? Statistics show the average kiss lasts around 3.5 minutes. Men are twice as likely not to mind if a kiss lasts less than a minute and less likely to enjoy one that lasts 5 minutes or longer. Unless it's an extraordinary sensual one. Which after this training you will be an expert at.

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