Perfect kiss - continued

  • Detour to the neck - keep the kisses soft as you move from the face to the neck. Once you get to the neck, open your mouth wide and plant your lips. Get s slight suction so you can suck some flesh between the teeth and then give a little nip. (When you are aroused, endorphins are released into the bloodstream that not only create intense pleasure but block pain receptors. But this is not for everyone so be sure to ask your partner how they like to be kissed.)
  • Focus back on the lips to nibble - Now take your partner's bottom lip between your teeth for a little nibble, suck and tug motion. Don't forget the top lip too.
  • Lock those lips - Move into the traditional kissing motion locking lips with your partner. To add the variety switch it up from soft and gentle to hard and passitonate.
  • Tongue - Do not tense up the tongue and do not aim for the throat. Try soft flicks across the lips and gently move around in the mouth.

Follow up tomorrow to find out the last steps to the perfect kiss

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