Guide to the perfect kiss (step-by-step)

A good kiss gets your knees trembling, your heart racing and your groin aching. That's because our mouths, tongues and lips are packed with nerve endings. Did you know that kissing also stimulates production of endorphins, the natural opiates of the body. Here are the step-by-steps to a perfect kiss.


  • Smell your breath.  In a recent survey about 70% of people rated bad breath as the number 1 turn off to getting up close and personal.
  • Kiss your palm.  Sounds silly but a little practice can go a long way. Your palm is sensitive and can pick up on the different tongue techniques. You will get a good idea of what feels good and what doesn't.
  • Once you have perfected the tongue movement, take your partners face in your hands. This gives you the ultimate control since it puts you in the boss position. Now, tilt your head to one side, look them deeply in the eyes, then close your eyes and start moving in but as slowly as you can.
  • Start softly, keeping your lips closed. then cover all of your partner's mouth with light, angelic kisses until you have touched every part of their lip with yours.

More to come tomorrow....

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