Simple Ways to Brave the Sexiest High Heel Shoe

A towering pair of women's shoes, stilettos or high heel boots can seriously steam up the bedroom and go the extra mile as a spicy addition to your everyday wardrobe. But for those of us who are unused to strutting in heels, balancing at 5” heights can be an intimidating thought.

In fact, a common questions we get is, “How does someone walk in five inch heels?”. Our advice?

1. Start small. If you’re unused to turning heads in 5” stunners, first get comfortable with a more modest heel. Buy cheap shoes with two inch heels high or with a wedge and work your way up to the most killer high heels.

2. Walk heel to toe. The higher the women's shoe or knee high boots the stranger it looks for your foot to hit the ground all at once. For better balance and a more natural-looking stride, rest your heel first and then shift your weight to your toe.

3. Take smaller steps. Hi heels naturally shorten your stride, so don’t try to walk as fast as you usually do. For that you want a walking shoe.

4. Step in a straight line. Walking with one foot directly in front of the other will give your hips the sexy sway that models use on the catwalk. Did you know it was just the women's high heels that gave you a sexy sway?

5. Consider a platform. Stilettos with a platform offer the look of a sky-high heel with the comfort of a lower one. We would recommend discount shoes or purchasing sale shoes at first. Platforms make you over five inches taller, but with the two inch platform, you feel like you are only walking in three inch heels!

6. Practice - with confidence! Get comfortable by practicing your walk on carpet, up stairs, and outside. The more confident you feel in scintillating high heel shoe, the sexier of a sight you make.

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