Sex Toy Glossary

Anal Beads A string of small balls on a string. Designed to be inserted into the anus and pulled out to create sexual stimulation.

Ben-Wa Balls/Vibro Balls A pair of large marbles with ball bearings inside that roll around and create subtle vibrations when inserted into the vagina.

Blow-Up Doll A life-size doll; the perfect companion to play with.

Butt Plug A dildo specially designed for insertion into the anus. Usually has a flared base to prevent it from going in too far.

Clitoral Stimulator A vibrator that is designed to be worn against the body via straps.

CyberskinTM An amazingly realistic, flesh-like material often used in the manufacture of sex toys.

Dildo Any cylindrically shaped object used for sexual stimulation (usually via insertion).

Double Dildo (Double Dong) A double-ended dildo. Can be used by two individuals simultaneously.

Erection Ring A strap of leather, rubber or metal that is placed around the base of the penis (and sometimes, testicles) to promote firmer erections and for decoration.

Extender A device designed to be attached to the end of the penis, giving the appearance of greater length.

French Tickler A condom with extra latex, plastic or rubber attachments. Should be used as a novelty only. Usually not certified for birth control or disease prevention.

Harness Used to attach a strap-on.

Latex A form of PVC most similar to plastic. A material commonly used in the manufacture of sex toys.

Lubricant Lotion that is designed to enhance "slipperiness." Can be used for intercourse or masturbation. Highly recommended for post-menopausal women and condom users.

Marital Aid A euphemism for a sex toy.

Massager A vibrator that is sold to relax sore muscles.

Masturbator A device used by men to assist in masturbation. Often shaped like a vagina, in which case it is known as a sleeve.

Nipple Clamps Small clips designed to be attached to the nipples. Often attached with a chain.

Penis Pump A vacuum erection device. After inserting the penis, a suction is applied, drawing the blood into the penis, creating an erection (often of a more engorged size than usual).

Penis Sleeve See Masturbator.

PPA Prosthetic Penis Attachment. See Extender.

Rabbit vibrator Typically a vibrator with both a clitoral vibrator and an insert-able vibrator, providing stimulation both clitorally and vaginally (early first versions typically had rabbits as the clitoral stimulator).

Realistic A dildo modeled after an actual penis.

Sexual Aid/Sex Toy A catch-all term for any device used for sexual stimulation.

Silicone An expensive, quality material used to make high-end toys.

Strap-On A dildo or vibrator that is attached via a harness (generally in the genital region).

Vibrator Any device that uses batteries or AC current to create a vibration. Most often used by women to stimulate the clitoris.

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