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Apparently you could have found one over fifteen thousand years ago, as a French cave painting a man wearing a sheath suggests. Egyptian men wore condoms as a sign of rank three thousand years ago, while tribeswomen in South American fashioned themselves a female condom made out of a cut-off seed pod. Our favorite legend credits the Greek’s mythical King Minos with the invention of the condom. Apparently the king had a tendency to ejaculate scorpions and snakes into his partners, so his right-hand man, Daedalus, invented a female receptacle into which the King could shoot his deadly semen. From scorpions to venereal disease to HIV, the condom has a noble history of protecting our sexual health.

Latex Condoms

There’s a reason drugstore shelves overflow with latex condoms in every size, thickness and color—they’re a convenient, affordable, highly effective barrier against disease transmission, as well as a popular contraceptive. Most latex condoms break because they’re used incorrectly. The typical failure rate is about twelve percent, but researchers contend that if used correctly and consistently this would drop to about two percent.

Latex should only be used with water-based or silicone lubricants, never any oil based products. Need to learn more about lubrication? Check out this post to learn all you need to know about lube.

Polyurethane Condoms

The Trojan Supra, Avanti male condom and the Reality female condom are made out of polyurethane, a plastic material twice as strong as latex. It’s thinner than latex, which means greater sensitivity for users. It’s compatible with oil-based lubricants. It’s odorless and doesn’t contain the proteins that cause some individuals to be allergic to latex. It transmits heat better and is more resistant to damage from heat and light. The polyurethane condoms we sell are the Trojan Supra Condoms in both 3 and 6 packs and Avanti Polyurethane Condoms in 3 and 6 packs. Reality Female condom is also made of polyurethane. We sell this in 3 and 6 packs also.

Although polyurethane is technically stronger than latex, the plastic is much less elastic, which results in a higher breakage rate. We only recommend the polyurethane condoms to individuals with latex allergies.

The Female Condom

‘Reality’ is a six-inch-long tube (as long as a condom, but wider), with one sealed end and a flexible, plastic ring at each end. The woman inserts one ring into her vagina; much like a diaphragm, while the ring around the opening remains anchored outside, resting flat against the labia.

The female condom is great for those with latex allergies; women can take responsibility for its use; the condom can be inserted ahead of time; a man may find the loose fit of the female condom gives him increased sensation; and the coverage provided by the outer portion may help prevent transmission of STDs such as herpes or genital warts.

Lambskin Condoms

Made from the intestines of sheep, lambskin condoms should never be used for safe-sex purposes, as viruses, may permeate small imperfections in the membrane’s surface. This is why we along with the majority of retailers no longer sell lambskin condoms. They are NOT safe sex products.

Condom Shopping Checklist

  • Material. Latex condoms are the most effective barriers against the transmission of disease, but some people are allergic to latex. If you have latex allergies, consider trying a polyurethane condom. Never use lambskin condoms for safer sex.
  • Size. Large condoms are just over two inches wide while the “snug” variety are just under two inches. The minimum length for condoms is six and a half inches, but longer ones can exceed eight inches. The polyurethane condom is wider and shorter than standard latex.
  • Thickness. Thinner condoms may feel great but aren’t necessarily as strong as their thicker brethren. They do pass the basic air-inflation tests, but have a tendency to break more often than other condoms. If you’re new to condom use, start out with the thicker variety.
  • Lubrication. Many people don’t like the taste of lubricated condoms and there are plenty of non-lubricated ones available. Use lubed condoms for intercourse, especially if you don’t have any additional lube on hand.
  • Texture. Some condoms (Kimono Sensation) come with little nubs on the inside designed to stimulate the wearer’s penis and some with ribbing on the outside, ostensibly to stimulate the receptive partner’s vagina or anus. You may or may not be able to distinguish these subtle sensations.
  • Flavor. Condoms come in a variety of flavors, Strawberry, Mint, Vanilla, Chocolate, Grape, and Banana. If you’re planning an evening of oral sex, we guarantee these will spice up the occasion. Also note that our flavored condoms are FDA approved.
  • Color. Most condoms are available in a clear or semi-clear color, but you can find condoms in every color of the rainbow as well as glow-in-the-dark.
  • Special Features. Do you want it to stick to the base of the penis? Cover the testicles? Massage the tip of the penis? Read the condom’s package to determine whether it has any special feature.
  • FDA approval. If you’re not sure whether the condom has been approved by the FDA for use in prevention of the disease or pregnancy, check the label.

Best Sellers

The Cream of the Crop - Best Sellers

  • Trojan Pleasure Plus: Thin with an oversized head this creates more friction for both people.
  • Rough Rider: A ribbed condom to provide added sensation.
  • Beyond Seven: Thin, nearly transparent & slightly slimmer than standard size.
  • Trustex Flavored: Flavored & FDA Approved.
  • Glow in the Dark: A novelty item.
  • Trojan Supra: Polyurethane condom.
  • Trojan Magnum: 20% larger than standard condoms.
  • Lifestyles Xtra Pleasure: Oversized head creates extra friction for both people.
  • Trojan Twisted: This condom has twisted spirals for added sensation.
  • Trojan warming: Both in a regular condom and a Magnum this has warming sensation lube to create extra sensation like id sensation or the KY warming lube.


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