3 Scorching Sex Tricks You Can Use Tonight!

1. The Sleepy Tease. Instruct your partner to pretend to be dead asleep. Instruct your partner that he or she must appear to be sleeping in order to reap the benefits of your game. Proceed to caress, lick, stroke, and suck on your partner's erogenous zones. Stop the instant he or she "wakes up". Snoring means greater efforts on your part may be necessary.



2. Play Mind Games. If you know your partner is soon to enter your bedroom, position yourself in an absurd yet alluring way. Lie flat on your tummy with your bottom in the air, baring your genitals completely. This position is truly unnatural. It leaves you vulnerable and the complete opposite of "coy". In order to feel comfortable doing this, you must know and trust your partner. It is likely they will ravish you on sight.

mind game


3. The Champagne Kiss. You need a bottle of champagne, and you're in business. Ask your partner to lie on their back. Straddle your partner. Take a mouthful of champagne, lean over your partner, and let a trickle of the champagne spill into their mouth. If you enjoy it, repeat. Even better if a trickle of champagne spills over your partner's lips. Lick it up! 

marilyn monroe sleepy

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