Plesur FS

Silicone Urethral sounds Small 3mm to 6mm


The Silicone Penis Plug is a great toy for those who want to improve their game and experience new sensations. The plug has a bead in the shaft for additional stimulation and a very classy design you will love. Set of 4 diameters.

  • 11-3/4" insert-able length, bead 3/32" to bead 1/4"
  • Made of body-safe premium medical grade silicone, smooth and comfortable

Safety, Care, and Usage:
This toy is recommended only for those experienced with CBT and sounding. Do not sleep in this or any other sounding device. Clean using a toy-safe antibacterial cleaner and warm water after each use, and allow to completely air dry before storage, or use. For insertion, we recommend use with a hypoallergenic physician recommended lube like Slippery Stuff Water based lubricant

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