Wallace O'Farrell

Lubricant Water Based - Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant - (3 size options)


This thick water-based lube just may ruin you for all other lubes!

Slippery Stuff does it all and is the perfect all-purpose sexual lubricant.

Slippery Stuff Gel Personal Lubricant enhances the pleasure of human contact with the perfect slippery feel. This silken gel has been recommended by physicians for two decades.

No need to worry about your toys this water-based lube is suitable even with your silicone playthings. Thick and long-lasting, it stays put and doesn't have taste or odor. A little goes a long way! Great as an anal sex lube, Slippery Stuff has a cult following and is known for being the perfect bum lube for anal play. Easy to wash off, non-staining, and non-irritating; it doesn't contain glycerin or propylene glycol which means its great for those with sensitivities.

Slippery Stuff is water-based, water-soluble, safe, hygienic, odorless, non-staining, and long-lasting. It will last as long as you do!

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