Types of Urethral Sounding Rods & Features

You learned all about the 5 Steps to the Best Urethral Sounding Experience, and now you're ready to experiment with different types of sounds. 

Where to begin? There are four basic types of sounds, and in addition can come with other fun features. 


Pratt style urethral sound urethral play penis

These sounds have a slightly curved S shape, and have different sizes on each end. (It’s like two sounds in one!)


Rosebud Urethral sound urethral play penis

These are long thin sounds with a bulbous end, easy to insert and great for beginners.


dittel Urethral sound urethral play penis

These are uncurved with a flat handle, making them easy to use when the penis is erect.


van buren Urethral sound urethral play penisvan buren Urethral sound urethral play penis

J shaped sounds, for experienced users. They are designed to match the male urethral tract.

Additional Features:

In addition to these standard styles, sounding rods also come with other fun features:

  • Vibration
  • “Cum-Through” (special hollow sounds that allow semen to go through freely)
  • Ribbed, wavy, or contoured (for your pleasure)
  • Extra wide (for extra urethral stretching)
  • Ring attachments with a ball (for a little tug and play, as well as frenulum stimulation)

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