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Silicone Male Chastity Cage


Silicone Cock Cage / Chastity cage 

This silicone cage gives the same safe secure chaste as the acrylic or metal cages but in comfortable silicone 

This cock cage is so comfortable that you soon will not even realize you have it on, the elastic material adapts perfectly to the body. Under the clothing it is completely unobtrusive, although when trying to erect, the cage moves a little forward from the body. If you already have acrylic CB6000 style cages, you can combine their single parts. For example you can use the silicone ring, if the plastic one is too hard for you, and the plastic cage.

Pink or White
Package includes:
5 backing rings from 1-1/2" to 2" with various diameters
1 penis cage
4 spacer connection parts with various lengths
1 padlock with 2 keys
1 anti cheat - metal wire to run thru posts to secure chastity (pictured on pink cage but comes with both)

This male chastity device is crafted from soft silicone, offering similar characteristics to the CB6000. With a secure and comfortable fit, it comes equipped with 5 base rings and an anti-cheating wire. To ensure total control, a padlock and two keys are included, as well as 4 spacers, locking pins, and plastic locks.

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