Plesur 3 Z

Paddle - Wide Twin Leather Double Strap Slapper


Punishment will be oh so sweet with this wide double strap leather slapper. This slapper has dual ends that slap when flicked, with a wide slapper tip for that delicious tingly sting. The perfect addition to any bondage play-chest, pair it with a blindfold for an incredible sensation session!

Product Details:

  • Red contrast stitching detail
  • Wide slapper tip for the perfect sting
  • Genuine leather slapper
  • Gives a satisfying slap sound with a flick of the wrist
  • Flexible and bendy 
  • Hanging loop in the handle for confident control and easy storage

Safety and Usage:
Use your slapper often to keep it in shape. Store in a dry, dirt free environment. Use leather conditioners sparingly or not at all.

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