Vibrator - Clit Style Sucking Mini Bullet Stimulator


iF Design Award winning suction toy!

Experience pleasure like never before with this unique style of indirect stimulation that will take you over the top!

This toy is perfect for those who want to build up and have a more indirect stimulation for their clitoris. Find the perfect suction sensation with 12 functions to choose from. The soft mouth engulfs your precious pearl and delivers pleasure until you explode with delight.

A must-have toy for anyone with a clit!

Product Details:

  • 12 functions
  • Rechargeable
  • Award-winning suction toy feels unlike any sensation

Don't forget to use plenty of your favorite Water Based Lubricant for the best experience. Take care of your erotic investment by cleaning with a toy-friendly cleaner (a clean toy is a happy toy!)

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