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Butt Plug - Metal Emoji Anal Plug - Each Size has a Different Emotion


We all know that feeling when you just can't help but smile, no matter what's going on in your life. Now you can bring that feeling with you everywhere you go - with Love Zone Butt Plug - Metal Emoji Anal Plug 

Love Zone is a line of unique, fun, and funky butt plugs made from hollow body safe metal. They're perfect for anyone who enjoys anal play, whether you're a beginner or an advanced player. And they come in three different sizes to fit everyone's needs.

But these aren't your ordinary butt plugs. Each size is designed to look like a different emoji, so you can wear your emotions on your sleeve - or in this case, right where everyone can see them!

Whether you're feeling sassy, sexy, or just plain happy, Love Zone has the perfect plug for you. So go ahead and express yourself - with Love Zone!

Sizing info


Weight: 54 grams

Length: 2.38

Width: 1


Weight: 92 grams

Length: 2.75

Width: 1.25


Weight: 140 grams

Length: 3.25

Width: 1.5

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