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Finger Grip Penis Pump


Finger Grip Penis Pump

Feel the surge as you watch your cock enlarge, expand, and gain girth! The finger grip design is easy to use, allowing one handed versatility. Get ready to have huge rock hard erections with this penis pump!

The finger grip design is able too pull more vacuum than the standard bulb type vacuum pump. So if you are looking for a little more vacuum in a penis pump the finger grip pump is a great way to go.

 Don't forget the cock ring

Pumping tips from the pro's

  • It is all about a good seal so the pump will hold and draw vacuum
  • A good seal with the donut, if the silicone / rubber donut doesn’t give a tight seal get a new donut
  • Use lots of water-based lube on the donut and your penis, again to get a good seal (we suggest a gel or thicker water-based lube)
  • A little manscaping goes along way - trim your pubic hair if needed (especially if you are using a pump without a seal/donut
  • You have a rock hard erection - now keep it for a little while with a stretchy cockring (some of them you can stretch out on the tube and roll on to your penis after pumping) 


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