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Electric Shock - Short Chastity Cage


Electro Shock Short Chastity Cage

This Chastity cage is similar in style to CB6000-S and fits together like that cage. It includes 5 different sized base rings to fit snuggly behind your or your slave's testicles. 5 different lock posts and spacers for the sheath for a secure and long wearing comfortable fit.  

Shockingly great play!


One Electro-stim Short Chastity Cage

5 different size base rings for a comfortable and secure fit 

Locking pins and spacers

One brass padlock with two keys and 5 plastic "locks' included 

One Electrode Cable - 2 pins to one plug  plug is 2.5mm to fit most power boxes 

feel the anticipation of shocking electric fun 

Punish your bad slave 

Tens / E stim power box not included 

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