Plesur IL

Bondage Restraints Neck Collar to Wrists cuffs


Keep your Love Slave Caught up in Kinky Bondage!

Indulge in your kinky fantasies with this behind-the-back cuff and strap set. The collar fastens comfortably around your pet's neck with a delrin-style buckle for a secure hold. A flexible nylon strap runs down the length of your permissive's back to a connecting waist strap, to keep them held at your mercy.

Three tiers of fasteners up the back allow you to secure their hands just above the waist, mid-back, or higher up for ultimate control. 

Product Details:

  • Bondage harness with Delrin-buckle collar, adjustable waist strap with velcro closure
  • Cuffs with sturdy, quick, and comfortable to release velcro closures
  • Carabiner-style eye swivel clips
  • Three tiers of metal fasteners to hold cuffs in multiple positions

Get ready to enjoy your hands-free playtime!

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