Sexual Wellness Fair

Sexual Wellness is a daily care necessity - and is as important as brushing your teeth. 

Sexual Wellness Fair The Love Zone

We were super excited to attend the Everett Community College Sexual Wellness Fair; where students and staff alike were able to learn about available resources within the community, as well as learn about sex toys, sex and relationships, inclusivity, and self-improvement.

It was an empowering event - with speakers and vendors. Organizations like the Center for Sex Positivity, Planned Parenthood, and Triangle Alliance were in attendance. 

The Love Zone strives to be not only a fun, calming environment to shop in - but one based on education.

Our stores provide free literature and flyers to help educate people on the MANY products we provide. And our knowledgable staff are true sexperts - able to help guide you to the perfect toy or gift. 

We promote that sexual pleasure is an important factor in overall well-being.

One can benefit greatly mentally as well as physically with self-love. It should be celebrated and the stigma around sexual pleasure eradicated.

To be able to support our community for this sexual wellness fair was a wonderful opportunity - and a lucky winner won themselves their very own Love Zone Everything Bondage Kit!

Everything Bondage Kit! All you need for your bondage playtime

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