Perfecting the Quickie


Ok, poll: 

Who wants sex to be hot, slow, and leisurely? (Sounds good, right??)
But - don't you also  just sometimes want to get it on like ASAP because – hey, sometimes you just gotta. (Sounds even better!!??)

Sometimes hot sex is about quality over quantity, with the quantity in question being ‘how quick can you get on and get off?’ Nothing wrong with that!

So, in the interests of making those quickies as efficient as possible, we have done the work for you and gathered some tried and tested ways of making every second count – you can thank us later


Wet ‘n’ Wild

It’s no secret that us ladies need to be ‘eased’ in to things, otherwise, both parties are in for a dry run, and that’s no fun for anyone, not to mention painful for all concerned. But when time isn’t on your side and you need to get the party started, what do you do? Well, that’s where lube comes in. Wetter is better! So save some precious minutes - get lubed up so you can get right to the good stuff.


Bag it Up

Whether you’re on the pill or had the snip, or even if you’re trying for a baby, quickie sex doesn’t lend itself to the leisurely stroll (knees-together-hobble) to the bathroom to clean up – and nobody wants to feel the remnants of their session running down their legs as they try to carry on with whatever they were doing. Make sure you carry a stash of condoms with you, in the car, or your purse (hey, it’s not just a man’s responsibility), so that you can catch those little swimmers at source and avoid the inevitable ‘oops’ moment.


Go Commando

Nothing slows you down like having to wrestle your way through tight-fitting underwear or lingerie. So why not just skip it altogether? This actually works in a variety of ways - just the feeling of your nether-regions being nude will make you feel like you’re doing something kinky, and therefore heighten your own arousal. You could also give your partner a quick look to tease, or whisper in their ear that you’re not wearing anything under your clothes. And hey – going commando = easy access! Boom! You’re instantly ready for hot sex – oral or otherwise, with just the drop of a zipper.


Take Out a Gagging Order

Of course, it might not always be practical to leave the undies out of the equation, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used to your advantage. Slip them off (or bonus - even tear them off), and use them to stuff into your partner’s mouth. They’ll carry both your scent and your taste, and will dial things up quite a bit, plus it’s bordering on BDSM to gag your partner. Hey, another bonus! Multitasking AND having an efficient quickie. WINNING


Biting the Bullet

Of course, we’re talking about the vibrating kind of bullet! Bullet vibrators are small, discreet, and can be carried in a purse or pocket and can be a huge help when it comes to quickie sex. Position one between you and your partner and the vibrations can enhance an erection and speed things up for both of you, so that both parties have a happy ending. There are even couples vibrators specifically made for sharing. (One even has a remote! How’s that for efficient?)


Be Loud, Be Proud

Sometimes, quickie sex has to be silent, for obvious reasons – (mile high club?). But, if you are grabbing a quick sesh before work, or before the kids get home, let all those primal sounds out. Few things are more arousing than hearing the person you love moaning and groaning in pleasure, so be vocal. Not only that, but…(and here comes the science bit)…there is a nerve which runs from the genitals to the voice box, and those primal roars and guttural groaning can actually stimulate the sexual organs further, so the throatier the better!


Drive Each Other Crazy

As Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and sometimes it’s a necessity to have quick sex. But if you can’t find a suitable spot, invent one! Jump in the car, head out to the nearest lovers’ lane, and get busy. Knowing you could get caught at any moment will add to the thrill, as well as encourage speed, and it is also such a retro thing to do that memories of teenage fumblings will come flooding back and give the sex a whole new edge.


So there you have it!

Like people, sex comes in all shapes and sizes, and each should be celebrated. There’s nothing like a passionate five minutes…ok, make it ten…to beat stress into submission, and there’s no excuse not to succumb when the mood takes you, even if it is just a quickie. Go on, you’ll feel better for it!

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