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Communities and allies alike are coming together once again for Pride; the month-long celebration of love, diversity, acceptance, and unashamed self-pride.  Whether it’s your first ever pride celebration or your millionth, here’s just a few of the many reasons why Pride Month is so important and so wonderful.

It's a positive stancePride Month Love = Love celebrate diversity and acceptance

Pride month is all about taking a positive stance against discrimination and violence towards lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender people, and those who identify outside of gender binaries. Events and parades are held across the nation to celebrate and recognize the huge impact that individuals, advocates, and allies have on history; in support of the liberation of sexual and gender minorities. It’s a celebration of sexual diversity, and it fosters a community that promotes equality. Everyone is welcome!

Do you, Boo! Pride Month out and Proud celebrate diversity and acceptance

Pride month is the perfect time to cast off expectations and just be yourself! Whether you’re a straight ally, out and proud, or still exploring your identity; Pride is the last place you have to worry about judgmental stares. It doesn’t matter if you are LGBT and a little vanilla, or straight with a “twist”. Being yourself, exploring, and being sex-positive is a beautiful and natural thing!

There's a lot to be proud ofPride Month out and Proud celebrate diversity and acceptance

Supporting Pride is a great way to give back to the community all while enjoying the festivities – and lending a hand to the cause is a wonderful way to show support. You can also see which local businesses turn out to support this important cause, and in-turn show your Pride support with your wallet. By supporting businesses that are passionate about gender inclusivity – open to anyone regardless of gender identity and/or expression, you’re doing your part to help foster that community of support.

The world just seems a little more “sparkly” during Pride Month. It’s all about love and equality – and there’s nothing better than that! So, wave that rainbow flag high in honor of those who challenge adversity and strive to be the best them they can be.

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