Are you Good, Giving and Game?

GGG, a term from sex columnist Dan Savage, it stands for stands for 'good, giving, and game.’  'Think good in bed, giving of equal time and equal pleasure, and game for anything—within reason.'  The main idea is making your partner's pleasure as equally important as yours will lead to better sex for you. 

Think of your partner's pleasure as much as your own.  You are in this relationship together and your lover is just as invested in its mutual satisfaction as you are.  Find out together what you both like, what you'd like to try and your mutual limitations.  Talking things over with your lover instantly makes you a better lover.  It also builds trust and intimacy.  Couples that have trust and intimacy are more willing to try new things.

Then, simply show your partner they are a priority by focusing on them.  Keep things fresh by not falling into routine.  Sex should not be a habit.  Be adventurous and try out each other's fantasies.  Plus, you may find something new you love. 

Alternate ideas to make sure you both find fulfillment.  Bring both romance and lust into your lovemaking. Snuggling and caressing can spark intense lovemaking, a vigorous romp can lead to tender moments.  Bring role play into the mix, there's nothing wrong with pretending to be the naughty nurse or the demanding cop from time to time. Maybe even just pretend you're someWHERE else, instead of someONE else. Dress up, redecorate the room for a night, get some new toys, play around, give each other massages.

Be creative and step outside your comfort zone.  Trying out new intimacies for your lover will leave you more fulfilled when they repay your efforts. 

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