Male Masturbator Stroker Cup - Vulcan Wet Mouth Masturbator


Fun Zone Wet Mouth Male Masturbator.

This inexpensive male masturbator is designed to lavish realistic sensations along your full length with every stroke.

Shaped like a pouting pair of lips on the outside with an internal canal packed with natural ridges for a lifelike sexual experience. The Vulcan Wet Mouth is an ingenious male masturbator packed inside its own discreet case.

Peel back the outer seal and you're left with a package that looks similar to a portable drinks cup or storage case. The side reads "Fun Zone - Vulcan" in embossed lettering. The insert measures up at 6 inches in length from opening to base. Open at both ends and made from Refined Touch - an ultra-realistic flesh material in an off-white color.

Inside the sleeve you'll find four rows of ridges which are designed to closely simulate the feeling of a real blow job. Slick with plenty of water-based lube and the sensations are incredibly to real oral sex.

The case measures an overall 6.25 inches from cap to base. The base features a hole with a security sticker over it. The sticker can be removed to create a variable suction within the masturbator during use. The real-feel sleeve is fully removable from the case which makes it ideal for cleaning.

Designed to withstand multiple uses but still be disposable, it's a great alternative to more expensive male masturbators. Comes with a sachet of Vulcan lube.

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