Male Masturbator Stroker Cup Vibrating - Soldier 10 function Rechargeable


FINALLY! The first ever vibrator for men.

Many Male masturbators claim to vibrate. But truthfully, because of the position of the motor or the material they are made of, none of them offer strong vibrations.

Until now!

The Soldier produces incredibly strong vibrations you can actually feel. It all has to do with how the toy has been constructed. The vibrating motor is mounted in a "pocket" that is directly in contact with your penis when it is inserted into the toy, and also creates a tight squeezepoint. The material carries vibration incredibly well so you will definitely feel the vibration of the long nubbs as they stimulate your penis, providing extreme pleasure sensations as they vibrate. Made from soft and stretchy "cyber" type real feel material, the tight opening will hug your penis.
The Soldier is rechargeable; with low speed, high speed, and 7 patterns of vibration.This masturbator is deeper than many models out there! 

Buy this toy for your private time and you will be glad you did.

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