Plesur Company

Cuff Wrist - Double Lock Black Handcuffs


Feel the heavy clank of metal as you cuff your lover for a night of erotic play.

Double Lock Black Steel - Designed for official Police use!

These steel handcuffs come with 2 keys. Stash one somewhere safe - where your naughty captive can't find it - before using the other to lock the cuffs. 

Perfect for roleplaying Police fantasies or bedroom bondage - or for the Dungeon Master who wants the ultimate in locked-in play. 

Lock Single: Press down on the wrist and rotate jaw until it engages the ratchet. The jaw can be tightened as required.

Lock Double: With the cuff single locked, use the tip on the key handle to depress the plunger on the top edge of the cuff. The jaw is now locked and cannot travel in either direction. 

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