Flogger - Leather 30" Softy Calf Leather 72 Tail Master Flogger Black


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Brand: The Love Zone


This is a serious beauty! This top quality flogger weighing in at approximately 26 ounces, with a 9" inch leather herringbone weave wrapped handle with 2 Turk's head knots. Overall Length of this flogger is 30". The 72 tails are made of real genuine top quality leather, each one is 21" long. Handle includes a wrist strap loop for ease of use and storage.

With the loop the overall length is 35". Handcrafted, premium quality leather. 

Product Details:

  • 35" Total length including loop
  • Genuine fine leather
  • Herringbone woven leather handle 
  • Wrist strap for ease of use and storage
  • Buttery soft 21" tails for that perfect sting

Safety and Usage:
Store in a dry, dirt free environment. Use leather conditioners sparingly or not at all.

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