Zenith Technology

Blue Beginner Penis Pump


Blue Beginner Penis Pump - Max Version

This is a great penis pump for the beginner or an experienced pro hand bulb vacuum pump creates suction drawing blood into your penis for a rock hard erection

Free Cock Ring Included

Hand-Actuated Enlargement

Phthalates and Latex Free

Material: ABS+Silicone

Color: Blue

Product Weight: 0.198kg

Pumping tips from the pro's
It is all about a good seal so the pump will hold and draw vacuum
A good seal with the donut, if the silicone / rubber donut doesn’t give a tight seal get a new donut
Use lots of water-based lube on the donut and your penis, again to create a good seal (we suggest a gel or thicker water-based lube)
A little manscaping goes along way - trim your pubic hair if needed (especially if you are using a pump without a seal/donut
Start slow – too much vacuum can cause bruising, start with lower vacuum and shorter times under vacuum

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