Games for Couples

Adult Sex Game - Behind Closed Doors - a Board Game for Lovers

When you play Behind Closed Doors your pleasure begins. Get ready for a night of passion by playing this game for two. With each roll of the dice, advance along... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Behind Closed Doors - Lover's Choice Sexy Activity Card Game

A Game for Generous Lovers! You choose how risqué you want the sex-play to be with this game. With cards for Him and for Her, this game can be played... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Behind Closed Doors - Secret Encounters Scratch off Cards

Secret Encounters is a collection of playful scratch off cards to lure you and your lover into a variety of new passionate adventures. How to Play: Scratch-off the top of... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Behind Closed Doors - Spice it Up Fantasy Challenge Game

Try Something New Tonight! Add some spice to your sex life with this daring challenge game. Suggestion cards can be exchanged with your lover, or hidden for them to find,... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Choose your Fetish Foreplay Game

Some Choices are Meant to be Painless! Dress appropriately for an evening of sexual adventure. Some card activities incorporate restraints, blindfolds, and other kinky playthings so plan accordingly and have... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Choose your Pleasure Foreplay Game

Choose your pleasure! Split the cards into HIS and HER decks with the activities face down. Players take turns rolling the die. If the die comes up HER, she draws... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Cosmo's 365 Naughty Nights New Edition

Cosmo's 365 Naughty Nights New Edition. Get ready for the sexiest year ever with this steamy offering from Cosmopolitan. This sizzling hot game gives couples 365 ideas for turning up... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Cosmo's Kama Sutra The Sex Deck

Turn up the heat! Cosmo's eternally popular bestseller is now available in a great new format: a gifty card deck that features 99 positions PLUS 12 bonus "lust lessons." Each... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Cosmo's Kinky Sex Games

Cosmo's Kinky Sex Games. Fifty shades of . . . COSMO! No one knows fun, fearless sex like Cosmo-and these kinky games will show the world what "hot" really means.... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games New Edition

Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games. Are you ready to play? To get down and dirty? Then let the fun and games begin! This steaming-hot carnal collection of couple's activities from the... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Cosmo's Truth or Dare New Edition - 120 Playing Cards

More sexy fun from Cosmo, in the same fabulous format you loved in Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games. This naughty spin on the classic Truth or Dare game features 120 enticing... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Dirty Deeds Card Game

Sex is Only Dirty When You do it Right! Getting started: Separate the cards into 4 decks, (Getting dirty, Even Dirtier, Doing the Deed, and the Items) and place the... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Go F*ck Card Game

Did you enjoy playing games like Crazy 8s, Snap, and Go Fish growing up? If so, you'll love playing Crazy 69s, Sex Snap, and Go F*CK! The game rules are... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - Month of Sex Sexy Advent Calendar for Couples

Nominated for Game of the Year 2014! 30 Day Activity Calendar Behind Every Door is a New Adventure How to Play: Alternate days, assign the weeks by him or her,... Learn More


Adult Sex Game - The Best Sex Dice Game Ever

It’s a little like Naughty Yahtzee®. This sexy game is played with five die similar to the classic dice game but with card play included that takes this game to... Learn More


Game - Fetish Dice Game

The one and only! Tickled, whipped, paddled, tied-up, spanked, or punished... act out your deviant fantasies with fetish dice. Take turns rolling the dice and indulge your way to fetish... Learn More


Let's Fool Around Dice Game

Let's Fool Around is a fun game where each player selects a body part die to represent them. If there are more than four players, team play is best. Players... Learn More


Let's Fuck! Game

Do you like to fuck? If so, you will love this fucking game! This is the game for people who love sex! The game includes a 12.25" x 7.5" game... Learn More


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