Sometimes, with everyone leading such busy lives – romance can unfortunately fall to the bottom of the list. But fear not! Nurturing your relationship doesn’t mean five course meals and extravagant excursions. You’d be surprised how even small gestures can convey a huge amount of meaning.

Check out these super fun creative ways that will make date-night-in your favorite night of the week:

1. Don’t Touch Me.

Sexy woman in bra for date night

Go on, challenge your partner to this one, and see how inventive he or she can be. There’s more to making horny happen than touching, so let your partner whisper, talk dirty, strip, or even pleasure themselves – all without making physical contact with you – while you also look but don’t touch. The restraint you will both have to show will simply add to the hot friction, and it won’t be too long before one or both of you break the golden rule and get it on.

Love Zone Sexpert Tip: Is the one “watching” being naughty, trying to get handsy before you’re done teasing them - and not adhering to the “rules”? Show them you mean business by making them stay put with a pair of Cuffs  or Bondage Tape.

2. Saturday Night at the Movies.

Saturday night at the movies turn up the heat

Ask your partner which is their favorite love or sex scene from a movie, and then re-enact it yourselves. Have fun with it! You can even get into your characters by dressing up – or filming it to enjoy together later.

Love Zone Sexpert Tip: Gain a fun new perspective in your sex play by strapping on a Strap On and get ready for a wild ride!


3. Make a Date

Date night in with your lover to keep the spark alive

This one is the challenge that keeps on coming – for want of a better word. Grab a notebook, and come up with a list of sexual challenges for the following month. Make up activities for each day (or night) and vow to stick to them NO MATTER WHAT. For example, have sex in the shower, try a new position, have sex outside, sexually dominate your lover, role play…the important thing is to try a different thing every day.

Love Zone Sexpert tip: Try throwing in at least one thing you thought you wouldn’t have had the courage to do, but are curious about. Talk with your partner and see if there are any fantasies they would love to see brought to life, too! If you’re stumped on ideas, fun games like IOU The Game of Hidden Pleasures will surely get those creative juices flowing!


4. Make me Roar

Unleash your inner beast and have wild and loud sex

Let it all out! There are few things more arousing than hearing your partner really losing control and enjoying the moment. Try having the loudest, most vocal sex of your life. Groans, moans, grunts - and encouraging words – all will make your sexy session off-the-charts intense!

Love Zone Sexpert tip: Voice activated vibrators like the Uriah will intensify your vocal unleashings! This little rabbit will respond to the sound of your voice – or music. So, pump up the volume!!

5. The Eyes Have It!

Strip tease for a visually stimulating sexy night

Ah, the strip tease. Visually teasing your lover is a great precursor to a night of passion. Do it slowly, sensually, and channel your inner lap-dancer. The anticipation will drive your lover wild!! Hey – you could even try having a dance-off! Just remember, it’s all about having fun. So laughing if you accidentally trip over your underwear can definitely be part of the show.

Love Zone Sexpert tip: The more clothes the merrier! As you slowly peel off your layers, tease your lover with them. Feather boas, or even handheld Ticklers will add a teasing touch sensation to your visual show.


6. Go Au Natural

Go naked to your lover's delight

During the course of the evening, dare your partner to remove all his or her clothes, and keep them off for the rest of the evening. Then just go about your evening routine – preparing dinner, cooking, reading, eating, and watching TV. Do what you would normally do – but (or butt) naked.

Love Zone Sexpert tip: All that extra skin makes an excellent canvas. Edible Body Paints are a playful way to creatively “mark” your partner’s body; as fun to remove as it is to put on!


7. Game On

Truth or Dare sexy version to get things hot and steamy

Crack open a bottle of wine, and settle down to a game of Truth or Dare with a naughty twist. But, be prepared to have your eyes opened when you hear your partner’s answers to questions! Or their Dares, for that matter! You just may discover a new favorite position or sexy act!

Love Zone Sexpert tip: Take the guesswork out of making up your own questions with a Truth or Dare playing card deck! After all, your mind may be…..preoccupied.

8. Lick or Treat?

Tasty treats on your body for a delicious sexy suprise

This challenge will see the evening end in a shower for two – guaranteed, but it does require some forethought. Stock up on an agreed number of sweet and sticky treats, and then take it in turns to blindfold your partner and have them lick each treat off your body – but they can’t stop licking until they have guessed correctly. The possibilities are endless; honey, syrup, cream, peanut butter, or even go for something obscure so they have to keep licking with little hope of getting it right!

Love Zone Sexpert tip: Use a water-friendly silicone based lube like ID Millennium for getting dirty while you’re getting clean! Its water resistant quality is PERFECT for shower play. It will be so much fun, your partner will want to get dirty all over again!


So, there you have it! Keep it fun and fresh - and most importantly, hot - and date night will surely become your favorite night (or nights....or days, for that matter)!

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