hooray for mens sex toys

Guys, are you missing out??

If your life is devoid of sex toys – you’re missing out! Toys aren’t just for women. There are lots of options for men as well. A good toy can give extreme pleasure, earth-shattering orgasms, and variety. You will have fun trying them all!

Lubrication milky chocolate

Just a little lubrication will make your sexual experiences awesomely incredible.

There is no doubt: wetter makes sex better!

Let’s face it: Two slippery surfaces sliding is WAY more fun than two dry surfaces rubbing against each other. Read on to learn all you need to know about lubrication and finding the perfect one for you.

choices and Types of Urethral Sounds

You learned all about the 5 Steps to the Best Urethral Sounding Experience, and now you're ready to experiment with different types of sounds. 

Where to begin? There are four basic types of sounds, and in addition can come with other fun features. 

batteries sex toys tips

Get the low down on batteries from the Love Zone sexperts.

Tips & trouble shooting to make sure there's no down-time in your play-time! You will probably learn something new as well ;)

dildos sex toy penetration

Ahhhhh..... Glorious Dildos.

So many different kinds - and so many to choose from! Learn all you need to know about this classic toy.

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