Pick the right lubrication wetter makes sex better

You read all about why lube should be your BEST FRIEND.

But - when it comes to lubrication, and chosing the right one, where to begin? Read on for our helpful tips on making sure your playtime is "wetter and better".

Lubrication milky chocolate

Just a little lubrication will make your sexual experiences awesomely incredible.

There is no doubt: wetter makes sex better!

Let’s face it: Two slippery surfaces sliding is WAY more fun than two dry surfaces rubbing against each other. Read on to learn all you need to know about lubrication and finding the perfect one for you.

choices and Types of Urethral Sounds

You learned all about the 5 Steps to the Best Urethral Sounding Experience, and now you're ready to experiment with different types of sounds. 

Where to begin? There are four basic types of sounds, and in addition can come with other fun features. 

Dilators & sounding rods are serious sex play!

They’re unique. They’re misunderstood. They’re a little taboo. And for those who enjoy using them: They’re also PLEASURABLE & FUN. Learn all about this increasingly popular male sex toy.

Beginners guide to Ben Wa Balls, Love Balls or Kegel Balls

You could have read about them in 50 Shades of Grey or heard about them through a friend, and perhaps even been told about them from a doctor; but what exactly are Ben Wa balls, Love balls or kegel balls? There are two different styles. The solid kegel exerciser balls are heavy steal balls that are placed in the vagina that give you something to grip onto while doing kegel exercises (If you are not familiar with a Kegel exercise, try to tighten the muscles you would use...

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